With Summer around the corner, we want sun plans. Check out our ideas to have an Alegria Summer! Ideas that go along great with different Casal Garcia products! 

If you’re one of those people who desperately waits for summer since the first day of autumn, but when the best season of the year arrives, you never know what to do, this article is for you! With summer just around the corner, we bring you a list of plans to make – alone, with your partner, with family or friends – and which is the best Casal Garcia to take in your backpack.

Summer Plans for an Alegria Summer.

Summer? Summer is friends, pícnicas and loads of Alegria!


The Beach

Well, swimsuits, sunscreen, a towel and a lunch box full of good things are essential for a trip to the beach. Make healthy sandwiches, lots of fresh fruit, and plenty of water. Even if you bring a coolbox, try not to take food to the beach that can easily spoil, such as mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, yogurt or milk.

Instead, prepare delicious hummus and cucumber sandwiches, or with leftover roast chicken and avocado, or BLT (bacon-lettuce-tomato). The perfect fruits are grapes, watermelon, melon or cantaloupe. To go along with this picnic, you want a fresh and light wine, such as Casal Garcia Sangria White.

Pro-tip: put the grapes in the freezer a few hours before you go to the beach! Then you can eat them anyway or use them as ice cubes in your Casal Garcia glass. Summer in a glass!

A visit to the mountains

The mountain does not have the recognition it deserves, especially when it comes to a summer destination. It’s usually best enjoyed in winter, but trust us, in summer it’s well worth it!

In your lunch box, a little of everything: sandwiches, boiled eggs, quiche, fruit salad, and even some custard tarts. One of the advantages of a picnic in the mountains is that there is always a lot of shade, and cool spaces, and even eventually a stream to refresh your feet. For this reason, your picnic menu may include certain foods that do not withstand hot temperatures well. On the coolbox, a Casal Garcia White. Classic, like our mountains.

By the lake

From North to South of Portugal, including the Islands, there are at least 24 lakes that you can visit, and where you can spend a great day with your own. Whether you go swimming or not, the lakes are beautiful places with lots of shade, where you can simply listen to music or read a book in peace. With friends and family it’s even funnier if you bring a board game or card game.

Chicken and pesto wraps, hummus and carrot sticks, guacamole and corn chips, berries and oranges are perfect for the lunch box, and perfect as summer snacks. A bottle of Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries is needed in the coolbox.

A walk in the forest

 For hiking fans, a picnic in the woods after a hike is a perfect plan. If you are that person, then join a small group, and set off on the adventure. In addition to comfortable shoes and clothing, don’t forget a blanket to sit on, hats and mosquito repellent.

In the lunch box, a delicious pasta salad to share, cold tomato and cucumber soup, assorted fruits, and as a reward, a homemade cookie made by the grandmother.

To liven up the afternoon before returning, the group is advised to nominate a guitarist and a person in charge of taking the cards and the game of riddles. Cool in the coolbox should be a bottle of Casal Garcia Sangria Red – with some orange slices and some ice cubes (or sliced and frozen fruit) – to bring that taste to summer.

The peace of the countryside

Ah, the countryside. Where many of us grew up and swore never to return. The irony is that, as soon as we get a chance, we keep coming back. The countryside reminds us of the homemade food made by our grandmother, the birthday parties where there was plenty of food, the fields of mimosas and the fountains that quenched our thirst in the summer.

So, to honor the place, prepare your picnic lunch box with the iconic breaded chicken steak sandwiches, shrimp and piglet patties, meat croquettes, and very spicy samosas. Fruit, water and juices are also part of it, as well as the carrot cake that only the mother knows how to make. To toast, a Casal Garcia Sweet, sweet as childhoods spent in the countryside. Nothing like summer to get us back to happy places.

Surrounded by green in the city park

For those who like to be surrounded by greenery, but still close to the city, the best option is the park near the metropolis. With a blanket to sit on, a bluetooth speaker and a Spotify subscription, this plan is perfect, even for those who work and can only join in the late afternoon.

Here you have a lot more freedom in terms of picnic food, as you are just a short hop away from everything, and you don’t need to carry anything for a long time. So, how about a pizza or some delicious sandwiches? Enjoy and watch the summer sunset in shades of pink. And to accompany this end of the day in rosy colors, nothing better than a wine with the same tones: Casal Garcia Rosé.

However, there are certain things you should take, or keep in mind, everywhere:

  • Bring hats, sunscreen, and water;
  • Have, if necessary, mosquito repellent;
  • Bring a garbage bag. Don’t leave trash in nature;
  • Don’t forget a blanket so you can lay on the grass;
  • Place a first aid kit with disinfectant, bandages and betadine in the bottom of the backpack;
  • Make sure you have service and battery on your cell phone, or a way to contact someone if you need it;
  • Do not make fires or bonfires unless it is a place where you can explicitly do so. Remember the forest fires that ravage the country every year. Let’s make this summer a summer without fireworks!

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