It is summer, finally! It allows you to live the happy moments and small alegrias (that fill the soul) and that are so characteristic of the season!

Summer in Portugal usually means roadtrips, festivals and lots, lots of beach time. This year, the summer will certainly be a little different, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to live this season with loads of alegria! Take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy and savor each of the little moments of happiness that only these hot days can provide.

Moments of Summer, Moments of Alegria

Summer is not just another season! It’s the hottest, funniest and most relaxed season of the year! And there are unique moments that only this season can offer you on a regular basis. today we want to share them with you, to remind you why you love this time of year!

Sunny Mornings

Even if you’re not a morning person, waking up on a sunny morning feels … different. Opening the window and seeing the sun and the blue sky … for us it is hope, and the beginning of what will certainly be a “Good morning!”. Do you remember all those times you said you were going to start waking up earlier, to enjoy the day, to be more active, etc.? We think a summer morning is the perfect start!

Longer days

If you are like 90% of the population, having long days not only helps you to be more productive, but also to feel more productive. Waking up and doing everything you have to do at work, come home, only to find that you still have several hours of light … it’s amazing! Enjoy those final hours of light with friends, family, or even just by yourself.

Cozy Sunsets

The sunsets are beautiful in any season  – we don’t deny it  – but there is a je ne sais quoi about sunsets in summer. For starters, they are longer, the sky is filled with shades of pink and gold, the temperature invites to a summery glass of sangria and maybe a picnic dinner on the garden. Not to mention the romantic aspect of the thing, for those who like a good rom-com. That and a toast with Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries… what more can we ask for?

Starry nights

The best time of the year to do some real stargazing is summer, that’s for sure! The clear sky and the mild temperature at night invite even those less interested in astronomy to admire the night sky. As always, during the months of July and August, in Portugal it is possible to observe the periodic meteor shower of the Perseids, which this year begins on July 16 and has the maximum peak of activity between 11 and 13 August. At this peak, you can see up to 100 “shooting stars” per hour!

Some refreshing sea time

Despite the sunny summers, Portugal is not known for its especially warm waters – perhaps the fault of the Atlantic. Even so, the sea temperature is a beautiful contrast to what is felt in the sand, so the time in the sea become revitalizing. Whether you are one of those people who stay in the water for a long time, or one who makes a quick visit to the waves and then goes back to the towel, you will have to agree with us: at least a “refreshing” dive in summer is part of the routine thank goodness!

Ice Cream on the street

Another classic is the fight between you and that ice cream that insists on melting, which ends up dripping on your fingers, eventually getting dirty on the t-shirt and even the sandals. Would you rather not stay with sticky fingers? Of course yes. But, if you could go back, would you change anything? We know the answer: of course not!

Sand on the feet

There are few sensations as specific as the act of feeling the sand on the beach, warm and thin, under bare feet. This is truly a sensation that transports us to summer, to hot days and short nights, to volleyball with friends, or to surf lessons. Take some of your time to experience this sensation at least once during this season. It is certain that the beaches will be conditioned, so be careful. And, of course, protect yourself from the sun and let the classic smell of sunscreen help to awaken great memories! And, even if you say no, we know that it will be impossible not to smile when you get home and see those grains of sand that came from hitchhiking.


If you live in a more rural area, a must in your summer is really the fireflies, isn’t it? It’s like something magical happens, right there, just for you. Yes, we are sleazy, and we admit it. With background music and a glass of Casal Garcia White, you’ll have the most perfect summer night – in company, or not.

Grab yourself and your friends, your better half, or your family, and enjoy (a lot) this summer. The happy moments of this summer are just around the corner! And, without wanting to sound totally cliché, the greatest joys of life are in the small moments we live, like seeing a firefly on a summer night, feeling the sand on the feet and the splashing of the sea water, waking up with the shy morning sun, or eating that typical ice cream, sitting in a park.

So enjoy the warm weather, take advantage of the moments with those that are important to you, and make a toast to the alegria of summer, always in the company of Casal Garcia!

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