You’re home and you see yourself thinking that your house is in need for a Spring clean-up? This is, with no doubt, the best moment to do it and we’ll give you the best tips to do so!

Keeping ourselves active while being confined to our home is not only important as it is essential for our body and mind! Every Health Institution and psychologist are saying it, and we couldn’t agree more!

So what’s the best way to keep our body and mind sane if not with a proper Spring clean-up?

Spring Clean-Up secret: the decluttering

Declutter is an English word that you’ve probably heard for a couple of times. If not, know that is means to do a proper cleaning in the rooms that have a lot of stuff accumulated that are no longer used.

Spring is the perfect time to do this kind of clean-up as it can be even therapeutically. If you’re looking for this year Spring clean-up follow our tips and you should be good to go!

Start with the most problematic room

That room, right. Probably your room? Your office? The living room? We know you know which rooms is the danger zone in your house!

That’s the first room you must attack. After you’re done with this one, the others should be a piece of cake.

Imagine the final result

To imagine the outcome is an important step for you to keep focused during this year Spring clean-up. Open up your closet and imagine what it would look like if it was organize as you’d like it.

By doing so, you’ll increase your motivation and you’ll guarantee that you’ll carry this tough task until the end!

Pick clothes and object to donate

It is obvious that the objects that we tend to accumulate the most are clothes and shoes and we know it’s difficult to say goodbye to them. During this Spring clean-up, set your clothes and shoes closet straight. But you have to do it with honesty: we know that there are, at least, a dozen of piece of clothes that you don’t use it in ages and, if you’re honest about it, you know you’ll never going to wear them again.

Those are the piece of clothes that are great to being donated to charity, wouldn’t you agree? Once you fill your charity box you’ll have to decide to what charity you’ll be donating.

Fridge, pantry and bathroom cabinet

Take this opportunity to do a proper clean-up to your fridge, pantry and bathroom cabinet. Check what’s within the validity date and what’s not.

By doing that, you’ll be not only cleaning and organizing but you’ll be also doing a list of what you have home – to avoid going to the supermarket more than times than you need to.

Be inspired by the pros

Now that you must be home, why not checking some tips from the professionals of organization and decluttering?

Prepare your Spring clean-up with some Marie Kondo tips, for example.

Clean your house thoroughly

Yes, Spring clean-up is more than decluttering! The scrubbing is also included.

Wash the curtains, vacuum the carpets, and scrub thoroughly those places you usually wouldn’t go in your weekly clean-up: under your household appliances, inside your cabinets, your kitchen and bathroom drawers. Even wash the duvets and the blankets to be ready for you in the Winter.

Challenge your friends and family

Cleaning is not the favorite chore for a lot of people, specially the Spring clean-up which is usually a more in-deep cleaning than the others. However, if you have the support of your family or your friends, it we’ll be much easier!

Challenge them and make some kind of competition – and, of course, motivate each other!

Don’t forget to let your house air, specially during this period when you’re spending most of your time inside. And, don’t forget to take some breaks and to go to your balcony or to the window to get some fresh air.

… And after all this work?

You’ve earned a glass of your favorite Casal Garcia! Enjoy it, make a videocall with your friends and family and to a virtual toast to a complete Spring Clean-up and to Alegria!

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