On the World Stress Awareness Day we share 6 tips for you to relax, meditate and fight everyday stress.

On November 6th of 2019, we celebrate the World Stress Awareness Day. This day began to be celebrated a few years ago, on the first Wednesday of November, due to the need to raise awareness of stress and its ills, in an increasingly accelerated society.

All people experience stress, but each person experiences it differently. Similarly, a wide-ranging of reasons and situations can cause anxiety and stress at different levels. Whether is because of work, family, children, studies, or many other possible reasons, it is important to try to fight stress to avoid reaching a burnout point.

Therefore, we take this day to share with you tips to control anxiety, relax and rest the mind in order to fight stress. Check it out!

1. Relaxation Exercises

Learning to relax is essential to fight stress. Relaxing physically helps you relax mentally, and while it may not be immediate, doing physical relaxation exercises will help you better cope with accumulated stress. Some relaxation exercises are basically breathing exercises, which also have a major influence on levels of nervousness, anxiety and stress. A good starting point for relaxation exercises can be a yoga class.

2. Physical Exercise

Exercise is also a way to fight stress. Spending energy running, cycling or even in the gym makes it easier to stop the thoughts that cause you anxiety. At the same time, you’ll be more motivated to cope with the little stresses of everyday life, as you can “decompress” later by doing sports. As the saying goes: healthy mind, healthy body.

3. Leisure Activities

Leisure and your favorite activities are often overlooked at more hectic times. Usually when you stop doing what you like you get more anxious and tired, right? In fact, devoting a few hours a week to leisure activities is beneficial to fight stress. So read the chapter in that book that’s been closed for weeks, watch the movie you wanted so much, arrange a game with friends, take a little trip, or anything that makes you feel good. But, beware, just devote yourself to that activity for which you set aside time and leave the work and worries out of it.

4. Mindfulness and Meditation

Practicing meditation and mindfulness – a set of techniques that help direct attention to what is around us rather than obsessive, uncontrolled thoughts – is a great way to fight long-term stress. It takes a few tries and patience, but all who practice them are ambassadors of their benefits. Those who practice them tell that it takes just 15 to 30 minutes a day to start feeling a big difference. If you were looking for a gift to give to yourself, we will give you an idea: a book or a meditation and mindfulness initiation class!

Do you already slow living?

5. Organize your day

Organizing your day (or week) is a very important task in order to manage and fight stress. With disorganized and chaotic schedules, anxiety, pressure and tension situations are easier to generate. Buy a diary and start the habit of pointing out everything you must do each day – so you won’t be caught off guard. Getting up early and getting enough hours of sleep is also essential to staying organized. A bonus tip: Start the day with the hardest or slowest things you must do. So your day tends to get lighter instead of heavier!

6. Spend time with those you like the most

And of course, just as important as doing sports, relaxing and meditating, is also spending time with those who make you happy, and with whom life is simple and uncomplicated. We talk about friends, family or partners. Do you know that dinner, coffee, movie or other program you’ve been putting off for months? This is what must happen now! If you are looking for a cocktail for the occasion, check out these 5 must-have cocktails with Casal Garcia: from a formal dinner to a relaxed date, there’s always a Casal Garcia for you.

What are your tricks to fight stress?

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