You still don’t know how to harmonize your Casal Garcia wine or even what type of Casal Garcia goes best with different dishes? We’ll tell you everything about it.

Pairing a meal with wine is much more than that: it is the opportunity to enjoy the full potential of the flavors, both dish and of the wine. Good harmonization considers the various characteristics of the same, such as its acidity, alcohol content, body and tannins.

To combine a particular dish with a wine, or vice versa, you should think first in terms of taste. As a simple rule, a sweet wine blends well with sweeter food, and a wine with more acidic notes is perfect to pair with citrus flavors’ foods. Similarly, a wine with plenty of tannins combines with more protein dishes.

On the other hand, pay attention to the “lightness” of wine. A light and fresh wine blends well with more composed starters and salads. A more full-bodied wine will, of course, have its ideal harmonization in more elaborate dishes and more intense flavors.

And what are the perfect pairings for your Casal Garcia wines?

Unfailing combinations of Casal Garcia and different dishes

Do you have an important event or get-together with friends and you want be the sommelier on duty? Check out the following pairings with Casal Garcia wine and different dishes.

Casal Garcia White

The iconic Casal Garcia Branco wine is obviously extremely fresh and very light. It is acidic enough, with marked notes of citrus and subtle green apple and pear. It is the ideal pair for oriental, fish or vegetarian dishes.

To harmonize this wine perfectly, combine it with sushi, pad thai, seafood in lemon sauce, fresh salads with cheese, such as Roquefort cheese, fish dishes such as Portuguese sardines, and seafood dishes like seafood rice. Do not be afraid to add a good dose of spice! If you plan to serve Casal Garcia Branco wine with starters, remember that fresh cheeses and cream cheese are recommended.

Casal Garcia Rosé

The notes of cherry, strawberry and raspberry make this Rosé a fresh wine, with sweet aromas, but with a slightly acidic finish. Thus, light dishes, fish and starters are your ideal companion.

Pair this Casal Garcia Rosé with prawns al ajillo, carpaccio, with pizza margarita and fresh arugula, with a good pasta Bolognese, or with a grilled fish accompanied by fresh vegetables. If you’re considering it on dessert, you can not miss the delicious red fruit cheesecake.

Casal Garcia Sweet

Our Sweet is intensely fruity, light and fresh. The predominant notes are sour and sweet fruits, such as apples, pears, and tropical fruits. This wine is perfect for relaxed dinners and relaxed evenings.

Here, you cannot miss the seafood (how about a seafood dish as a starter?)  – fish, and very intense and sweet desserts. Think of a salad with mussels, dishes with aromas of curry and coconut milk, and summer salads with apples and gorgonzola. As for desserts, think of something like egg pudding, white chocolate mousse, banoffee pie or biscuit cake.

Casal Garcia Red

This wine is aromatic and fruity, with notes of red fruits and forest. Because it is a wine that has strong tannins and at the same time good acidity, it harmonizes perfectly with intense flavors, like itself. Our suggestions to go to with are red meats, grilled white meats, Italian pastas and spicy foods.

Good options are roast kid, veal dishes, pasta with dried fruits – pine nuts, nuts, or almonds – and roasted cod. If you prefer to have this wine as an aperitif, make sure to serve it with intense cured cheeses, especially hard pasta  – for example: Parmesan, Grana Padano, Emmentaler, Gruyère, Transmontano Goat Cheese, São Jorge Cheese, or Cheese from Évora.

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