From indie rock to summer hits, there is a playlist to pair with each Casal Garcia. You don’t believe it? Check out our suggestions.

Wine must be harmonized. With meals, snacks, scenery, movies, and even personalities. But, where is the music in the middle of it all?

Playlists x Casal Garcia: music for your…. senses

Is this the time you are going to invest in a Spotify Premium? Look, it’s worth it! Check the playlist + Casal Garcia combinations that will be songs for your ears, and for your senses.

Romantics Hits x Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries

Some say that spring is the perfect time to fall in love…. Will it be? For us, any season is a good time to find the better half, but spring has a je ne sais quoi … irresistible.

Suggestion: if you are that sweeheart, the Timeless Love Songs playlist will inspire you. And to pair, a Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries, of course!

Pop Music x Casal Garcia Sangria White

With the days getting bigger, you just want to feel good with all the sun, right? No worries, no sadness, no stress. And do we have something in mind? Of course, Alegria is our specialty.

Suggestion: the Happy Pop playlist on Spotify paired with Casal Garcia Sangria White will fill you with energy and desire to express that excitement.

Reggaeton x Casal Garcia Sangria Red

If you are one of those people who would live well with just one season – summer, of course – don’t worry: we understand. Although it is spring – there is not much left for your favorite season! – Summer music and a Casal Garcia Sangria Red take you directly to the month of August.

Suggestion: Viva Latino will transport you to that carefree barbecue with friends by the end of the afternoon.

Dance x Casal Garcia Sweet

Happy music? Music to dance to? You got it! But… where are you going to dance? Easy. In your living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen while you prepare dinner, at a party via zoom! Discover the alegria of every corner at home – what matters is spreading happiness!

Suggestion: the Happy Beats playlist along Casal Garcia Sweet. It will be infinite smiling and dancing!

Soul x Casal Garcia Sweet Red

And for you, a happy soul, how about a little Soul? To go alongside with nothing more, nothing less than a Casal Garcia Sweet Red.

Suggestion: Soul Party is the right choice. But, be careful, you run the risk of going into party mode, so we advise you to organize a video call with your @bestie

Rock x Casal Garcia Red

Let’s be honest: rock is that style that goes well in all situations and in all moods. We prefer that rock that gives energy, happiness, and the desire to be with friends – just like the season we just started!

Suggestion: Rock This is the playlist that asks for a Casal Garcia Red, but beware: you will miss the festivals.

Classic Music x Casal Garcia Sparkling White

Delicate, complex, versatile. That’s how we think about classical music in the Casal Garcia newsroom. But there is one feature that stands out the most: elegance. And if you’re looking for elegance, a Casal Garcia Sparkling White is what you’ll find.

Suggestion: the Spring Piano playlist will undoubtedly complement your Casal Garcia Sparkling White, with calm and relaxing sounds, but that evoke the renewal that Spring brings.

R&B x Casal Garcia Rosé

R&B is that type that combines rhythm, blues, pop, soul, funk, hip hop and electronics. That is, extremely complete and ideal for those who have an eclectic style. Did a Casal Garcia Rosé come to mind? Us too! The sweetness of the rosé, the touch of acidity, the fruity aromas and the refreshing notes, make this wine the one that appeals to almost everyone.

Suggestion: savor your Rosé to the sound of Alternative R&B.

Jazz x Casal Garcia White

Did we hear someone asking for Jazz? We listen and we comply. Jazz and a Casal Garcia White classic are the combination you need to relax and enjoy your glass of wine.

Suggestion: Jazz Relax is the playlist that will take your Casal Garcia White glass to the next level.

Hip Hop / Rap x Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé

Does it look like a strange combination? Maybe you really have to test it to be able to judge! And what better time than spring to experience find happiness in unexpected ways?

Sugestion: the Get Turnt playlist! In this playlist you will find a mix of recent, old hits, energetic music, and big names in Hip Hop.

The best thing about music is that it touches us all differently. What is your Casal Garcia playlist?

Discover Alegria, Discover Casal Garcia!

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