Is there a better way to celebrate autumn than on a romantic adventure? Check 5 getaways for two to live the autumn with joy.

We’re already mid-autumn! Still haven’t been able to stop and enjoy one of the most romantic seasons? To help you out, we have the top 5 getaways for you to make this autumn!

1. Romantic Countryside Getaway

The best of Autumn is the colors, therefore, going for a romantic countryside getaway is one of the best ways to be together and enjoy the best of this season. How about the Douro wine region? The vineyards and terraces, which are verdant during spring and summer, are now earthy and warm, just as we expect them to be during this season! And to make this getaway for two even more romantic, opt for a massage for two, a walk in the Douro or a tour in the castles.

2. Urban Weekened

If you prefer a more urban environment for your getaways, choose a city where the colors, flavors and aromas of autumn are well present. Our suggestions for an autumnal weekend are Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Gdansk (Poland), Bordeaux (France) and Florence (Italy). These destinations are amazing to visit in the autumn and are less than three hours away by plane.

3. An Autumnal Nest

Sometimes you don’t feel like making gateways that involve being in the nature or getting to know new cities. Sometimes you really feel like just the two of you dating with the tree leaves falling outside and the days getting shorter is enough. If this is your thing, let nothing prevent you from doing it. Make an exclusive weekend with movie sessions and home-cooked autumnal food – warm and cozy with lots of spices.

4. Fairs and Markets

One way to have a getaway and, at the same time, anticipate Christmas shopping is to combine a mini escape with a visit to a market or an autumn fair. During this season, with Christmas approaching, there are huge markets and fairs all over the country, where not only there are art and street shows, but also good food and mulled wine. It may even be a way to get to know another town or city together, of course! For example, get to know Loulé’s Autumn Market.

5. Thanksgiving for two

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, it will be the 28th – a perfect day for a getaway. In Portugal there is no tradition of celebrating this day, but that is not hampering! Have your own Thanksgiving dinner – always accompanied by your favorite Casal Garcia wine – and be thankful for the joy of having each other and for the love that unites you.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to have love and joy. And where there’s joy, there’s Casal Garcia.

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