To live this autumn at its fullest, we have launched several challenges for you! Share them with your closest friends!

In this atypical autumn, there is nothing like doing something different, or something that you have been putting off for a long time. It will make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Today we bring you some ideas, but you are always free to add some more to this list! Ready?

Challenges for this autumn: the watchword is Start

The challenges are just that: situations that take you out of your comfort zone and that pull you to be a little better version of you. But, like everything in life, getting started is the hardest part! So, nothing like finding the right motivation: challenging other friends, creating a group with your family or an infallible partner with your better half. The trick is to get everyone involved!

1.   Reading Challenge

Are you one of those people who love to read, but by now have only read three or four books during the year? Then we challenge you to create a reading challenge! See how many books you have yet to read on your shelves, or in your ebook, and set an ambitious reading goal by the end of the year! You still have a few weeks until then and we know that if they are busy with reading moments, they will be perfect! For this challenge to be even better, create an online book club with your friends and, every two weeks, read the same book and share your ideas about each one. It will be super fun!

2.   Cooking Challenge

Not everyone of us are masterchefs, but we all have imagination, special tastes and, of course, a mobile phone with an internet connection full of mouth-watering recipes. Our challenge? Get inspired and start cooking at home at least three days a week. It is cheaper, healthier, and we all know that practice makes perfection! And, so you won’t lose motivation, challenge your friends to join you in this mission and create the “Packed Lunch Club” where you can share your best recipes!

3.   Dancing Challenge

Maybe you are not the best dancer there is, but if you always dreamed of knowing how to dance to a song from the videos of the biggest pop stars in the world, then this is the right time for that! Play the video on YouTube and watch and review as many times as necessary until you know the steps by heart. In the end, just place your phone in a strategic position and film yourself dancing like a pro. It will be epic!

4.   Tidying Challenge

We all know those people who have the gift of being able to organize any space impeccably. And we challenge you to become one of them! Take the most confusing room in the house, the one that really needs a “top to bottom” tidying, and empty out all the cabinets and drawers, take off everything that needs to be taken off, and make it the room that sparks the most Alegria in your home!

5.   DIY Challenge

You are saving beautiful glass bottles – some from Casal Garcia, of course! – waiting to decide how you can reuse them? Well then, the time has come to get down to business! Create the most beautiful jars, the most original bibelots or the perfect candlesticks for when you want to light some candles this autumn. Don’t forget to make them the center of attention for your decorations!

6.   Series Challenge

How many times have you not been in the middle of the season of a series that you were loving just because you missed that initial momentum? Here we challenge you to choose one of the series that you have on your list of favorites on Netflix, challenge some friends that they would love the show (or that have already confessed that they also want to see it), and decide a day of the week dedicated to catch up on the series. The best part: creating a group on WhatsApp where you can share your favorite characters and what happened, or will happen to them, in the next episodes! Do they get it right?

7.   Relaxing Challenge

A universal truth? We really need our treat yourself day or lazy Sundays. This challenge may seem easy, but it is perhaps the most difficult on the list, as the hustle and bustle of life often does not provide enough time to decompress and relax consistently. Therefore, we challenge you to relax and to disconnect, after a day of work or a particularly difficult day, and to create space for a moment of your own: light a candle, do a spa at home or practice meditation. The choice is yours!

8.   Photography Challenge

No, we don’t want you to become the next great world photographer, but with a smartphone in your pocket we know that you could take more often those photos that record moments of pure Alegria. An unexpected smile, a toast with your favorite Casal Garcia, a breakfast at home hotel style… Photograph them all and create a physical album where you can paste all those memories and leave those notes that go with you. They will make you smile when you open it again in a while!

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you live each moment and each challenge with all the Alegria that characterizes you and, who knows, in the company of a glass of Casal Garcia!

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