Discover 10 reasons to offer Casal Garcia as a Christmas gift!

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need… while Mariah Carey is quite sure what she needs as a Christmas gift, many of us cannot say the same, and it is especially difficult to choose gifts for others. This year, avoid stress, avoid running around and, more importantly, make someone happy with just two words: Casal Garcia.

10 reasons to offer Casal Garcia as a Christmas gift

1. It’s a present to be shared…

A good wine is usually best enjoyed in good company, right? There is no better way to celebrate, commemorate or simply spend a good time than sharing a meal and making a toast with family or close friends.

2. …or to be appreciated all by yourself

For those who need their “me team”, Casal Garcia is also a fantastic gift. Perfect for those who like to relax reading a book, listening to a podcast, enjoying an immersion bath, or watching a good movie, just by yourself. In other words, Casal Garcia is also goes very well with a “Treat Yourself Day”.

3. It’s a customized gift!

Did you know that among wines, sangrias and sparklings, there are nine different Casal Garcia to choose from? And each has its own personality! Find out which Casal Garcia matches your friend’s personality, and surprise him!

4. Casal Garcia rhymes with Christmas

It also rhymes with friendship, love, joy. But, in this case, we’talking about harmonizations! When the Christmas tables are full and diverse, the wine that complements each moment must be perfect! Either is the typical Christmas and New Year’s clams with a White, Christmas starters with a Rosé, a Sweet to accompany the Evening Meal, or a Sparkling after opening the presents.

5. It is not going to waste

There is no worse feeling than offering a gift to someone who will be leaving it packed in the closet or dusting on a shelf. Even though it is a Christmas gift given with great affection, there are always those friends, family or co-workers who “already have everything”. In this situation, a good wine is always an infallible Christmas gift, since there will always be good situations to drink.

6. No exchanges or returns

And just as terrible as offering a gift that is not going to be used, it is offering a gift that is exchanged or returned. With Casal Garcia, we guarantee that this will not happen! Casal Garcia wines, sangiras and sparklings are suitable for an endless number of situations – either is a Sparkling wine to celebrate the New Year, a Rosé for a romantic dinner, or a White to accompany a family lunch.

7. Beyond a gift, it’s an experience

Casal Garcia was born in 1939 and, since then, it has provided good moments to all who tried it, tried it again, enjoyed it and became aficionados. It is a wine that tastes like Portugal, knows our culture and our History – and that is immensely exported to several countries, from Germany to Brazil. What is the experience you want to offer?

8. You can make a care package

If you can’t choose a Casal Garcia to offer as a Christmas gift, you can always offer several! A kind of Christmas basket that is also a personal display of appreciation and gratitude. You can also include other gifts, such as a frame with your favorite photo to accompany a Casal Garcia Sweet, a book to enjoy with the White, a Sparkling Rosé that complements some chocolates… and the list goes on!

9. It is suitable for various situations

The versatility of offering a bottle of wine as a gift is enhanced by the nine Casal Garcia products that you can choose from. You can’t go wrong with it, either as a gift for your uncle, your best friend, your boss or your co-worker. And, if you are going to have a secret friend at the office, surprise him with a Casal Garcia suited to his personality.

10. Offering Casal Garcia is spreading Alegria

Whatever the occasion, Casal Garcia is synonymous with alegria  – this is our motto, discover Alegria, discover Casal Garcia. What better time to spread happiness than Christmas? Because Christmas gifts should be given with the heart, we think a Casal Garcia is the perfect gift to show your love for someone.

The Casal Garcia Team wishes you a merry Christmas, full of love, friendship, alegria, and, for sure, Casal Garcia.

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