On Women’s Day, a mega cheers to all women of the world!

Surprise the women in your life with a Casal Garcia gift – based on your astrological sign.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March. This day, celebrated worldwide, has existed since 1909, and is a day in which homage is paid to the women of the world – those who are here, those who have been, and those who will be.

Therefore, we give you a list of the Casal Garcia wines, sangrias and sparkling to offer this day to the women of your life, based on their zodiac sign.

Celebrate Women’s Day with Casal Garcia

Be a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin, boss, girlfriend, wife, daughter … All the women in your life deserve to be celebrated – not only today, but today in a unique and special way. Check out a set of wine + sangria + sparkling to offer to the women in your life. And if you are a woman, be sure to offer yourself one of these. You deserve it too!

The Aries (Ram) Women

The women that are Aries are energetic and passionate. They need their independence to be happy  – we would even say, to be able to breathe. Women of this sign do not like to be limited, and prefer to have control over everything around them. However, Aries women are extremely loyal to family and friends.

Surprise them with a Casal Garcia Red, a Casal Garcia Sangria White or a Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé.

The Taurus (Bull) Women

Independent, and emotionally strong, the Taurus woman wants to live her life on her terms. The women of this sign find it easy to control their emotions and keep calm, in the vast majority of situations. In addition, they tend to be creative and artistic.

Surprise them with Casal Garcia Rosé, Casal Garcia Sangria Red and Casal Garcia Sparkling White.

The Gemini (Twins) Woman

Gemini women are usually highly intelligent and love to read. They are prone to emotional changes – more than any other sign. The woman of this sign is always ready to learn and discover, whether it be traveling, learning a language, practicing a talent.

Casal Garcia White, Casal Garcia Sangria Red Beries and Casal Garcia Sparkling White are the ones suggested  – for sure.

The Cancer (Crab) Women

The woman of the sign Cancer is very affectionate, as well as concerned with her family and friends. Even in children, these women tend to be protective and sweet. They are usually calm and composed, but they can be very shy and sensitive when meeting new people.

Sweet like a woman of the the sign Cancer are Casal Garcia Sweet, Casal Garcia Sangria White and Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé.

The Leo (Lion) Woman

The Leo woman shares many characteristics with the animal that gave her sign its name: they are authentic felines! Strong, independent, Leo women do not mind being at the center of attention, as they are confident, natural leaders, and quite assertive.

And if you are looking for assertiveness, surprise the Leo woman with a Casal Garcia Red, Casal Garcia Red and Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé

The Virgo (Virgin) Woman

The Virgo woman is honest, modest and very efficient. The women of this sign always try to spread the good, the compassion and the joy in the world. Although they do not realize it, Virgo women always mark the world around them in some way. They are meticulous and orderly in everything they do, as they are the most organized sign of all.

Surprise them with the delicacy of Casal Garcia Rosé, or Casal Garcia Sangria Red Beries or Casal Garcia Sparkling White

The Libra (Balance) Woman

The Libra woman lives with balance and peace. Women of this sign do not like to offend anyone, and try to make everyone around them happy. Although, sometimes, she seems a little distant, or cold, the Libra woman always looks for a balance in emotions, words and feelings. These women feel safe, whenever they feel they are taking the right step.

The Scourpious (Scorpion) Woman

Scorpion women are independent and determined, and very, very intense. In the lives of the women of this sign, almost all aspects of life are taken to the extreme. Good leaders and good communicators, Scorpio women are forwarded and active.

Casal Garcia Sweet Red, Casal Garcia Sangria Red and Casal Garcia Rosé have the intensity of a Scorpion women. Surprise them with the color of fire and passion.

The Saggitarius (Archer) Woman

The Sagittarius woman is very curious. Her outlook on life and herself is very philosophical, and the decisions she makes are logical and rational, for the most part. These women always want to learn more, and are not afraid to say what they think – for better or for worse.

A perfect git is a set of Casal Garcia Red, Casal Garcia Sangria Red Beries and Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé.

The Capricornus (Goat) Woman

Whenever a Capriconrus woman gets something into her head, she does. Very hardworking and smart, the woman of this sign has confidence in her abilities. She is loyal and caring towards her family and friends, and always tries to solve the problems of those she loves.

The right choices for surprising a Capricornus woman are: Casal Garcia Rosé, Casal Garcia Sangria White and Casal Garcia Sparkling White.

The Aquarius (Water Bearer) Woman

The Aquarius woman has a fertile imagination, like no other sign. Freedom is very important for women of this sign, as they are intelligent and creative. They are good listeners and a kind of free-spirits, who don’t get too attached to material things.

For such a creative mind: Casal Garcia White, Casal Garcia Sangria Red or Casal Garcia Sparkling White.

The Pisces (Fish) Woman

The Pisces woman is undoubtedly the most mature and sophisticated of the signs. Pisces women know what they do, what they want, and what they need to do. They are natural planners! For family, friends and, basically, anyone in need, the women of this sign are guardian angels.

For the Pisces Woman who cares about you, surprise them with Casal Garcia Sweet, Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries or Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé.

For all women in the world, Casal Garcia wishes you a happy Women’s Day.

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