World Cinema Day is celebrated on November 5th, and we give you the best movie options of 2020 and the corresponding Casal Garcia to watch with!


Cinema x Casal Garcia: lights, camera, and action!

A good movie session is only good whether with friends, family, your better half, or even alone. And where? Whether in a cinema, projected on the wall of the room, or even on a laptop, the 7th Art manages to involve us wherever it may be. Movie night via zoom? It works as well! What cannot be missing is the Casal Garcia indicated for each one of them.

1. I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Charlie Kaufman

Drama, Thriller

A young girl embarks on a roadtrip with her boyfriend, heading for her in-laws’ house, in the middle of nowhere. So far everything seems normal, right? But with Charlie Kaufman we are used to expecting anything but normality. The protagonist is thinking about ending everything with her recent boyfriend, but the visit to his parents brings even more doubts. This film is psychologically daring, having a hilarious component very present that will leave you clinging to the screen. For a Kaufmanian classic, a classic Casal Garcia: watch this film with Casal Garcia White.

2. Emma, Autumn de Wilde

Comedy, Drama, Romance

If you like period films, get ready to be transported to 19th century England, in a comedy drama based on the Jane Austen novel, released in 1815 with the same name. Get get ready to experience the misfortunes and adventures of Emma, a royal nurse who seeks love. Was love always in front of her?

This film, loaded with social satire and with tons of British humor, will make you laugh, feel ashamed of others and have a lot, but a lot of desire to live in the Victorian Era.

And for a classy film, a classy sparkling: watch Emma with a Casal Garcia Sparkling White.

3. Birds of Prey, Cathy Yan

Action, Adventure, Crime

Birds of Prey was probably one of the most anticipated films of 2020. Margot Robbie goes back to wearing the skin of our supervillain turned into a favorite superhero and you can still expect the same vibe of Suicide Squad: eccentric, colorful, and a little crazy… everything with a lot of action to the mix –  Harley Quinn style.

And what is the best accessory for a completely extravagant film? Yes, you got right: Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé.

4. Underwater, William Eubank

Action, Horror, Sci Fi

Submerged joins Kristen Stewart to the French independent film giant Vincent Cassel, in a thriller that is worthwhile. Stewart and Cassel are two ocean researchers who work for an oil company and have to make an exploratory trip to the Mariana Trench, to repair some equipment destroyed by a mysterious earthquake. Get ready to get your heart racing and… very suspicious! For a cinema session that will have you scared, we recommend a Casal Garcia Sangria White  – to alleviate the moments of tension!

5. The Witches, Robert Zemeckis

Family, Adventure, Comedy

 For a lighter film session, and to which you can invite younger brothers, the perfect film is The Witches with the much-loved Anne Hathaway. In the late 1960s, an orphan and his grandmother come face to face with a clan of witches who have no particular adoration for children. This film is a very funny comedy that will make you and your family cry with laughter. Without making any spoilers, we can advance that Anne Hathaway’s accent is not what you are expecting – and this makes the experience even more peculiar. For a fun and light film, a tailor-made auxiliary: Casal Garcia Red Fruit Sangria.

6. The King of Staten Island, Judd Apatow

Comedy, Drama

Scott is a hopeless case: a young man in his twenties who does not work, does not study, and spends his days partying – possibly because he never got over the death of his father, a professional firefighter, on duty. However, certain events will make you rethink his way, to try to deal with the grief, and move on. This film is comical, but with a bittersweet flavor: how many people do not see themselves lost in Scott, aimlessly? But do not be left behind: despite being a drama, The King of Staten Island is a positive film, and immensely sweet. And for a sweet movie … do you know what the perfect complement is? Exactly, Casal Garcia Sweet!


7. Love. Wedding. Repeat, Dean Craig

Comedy, Romance

If your thing is really romantic comedies, we have good news: Love. Wedding. Repeat. is really what you need. Jack, the protagonist of this film, has a task: to make sure that his sister Hayley’s wedding runs smoothly. And after all, what can go so badly, during his sister’s wedding, when the guest list includes an ex-girlfriend “from hell”, a flirt that has never moved on, the bride’s best friend who is try to capture the attention of a director, a person with attachment problems, and another with zero sense of social norms?

The answer is in the 100 minutes that this film takes place, but let us give you a hint: EVERYTHING! To watch such a romantic comedy, Casal Garcia Rosé!

8. Escape from Pretoria, Francis Annan


Based on a book, which is based on a true story, Escape from Pretoria tells the story of two young political prisoners, Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee, who managed to escape from Pretoria Central Prison in 1979. Jenkin is played by Daniel Radcliffe and Lee by Daniel Webber. The setting for this film is Pretoria, South Africa, during the Apartheid era, where young people were accused of helping the African National Congress, a political party that fights for the rights of the country’s black population  – if you remember correctly, the party of Nelson Mandela. Despite addressing a heavy topic, this film manages to tell this real story in a light, but exciting way. Like our Casal Garcia Sangria Tinta!

9. The Invisible Man, de Leigh Whannell

Horror, Mistery, Sci Fi

Elizabeth Moss, the incredible protagonist of the series The Handmaid’s Tale, is Cecilia in The Invisible Man. Cecilia is a woman mistreated by her ex, who manages to escape the abusive situation she lives in, coming to discover that she is also the only heir to his fortune, when he commits suicide. But is her ex really dead? Cecilia is convinced that her abuser somehow manages to continue to harass her, but without being seen. Obviously, nobody believes her, and she is on the verge of madness. Elizabeth Moth’s performance is, of course, impeccable, and the plot will definitely leave you “glued” to the couch. And for a mesmerizing and intense film like this, it is obvious that the best complement is nothing more, nothing less, than a Casal Garcia Red.

But what about popcorn? Yes, popcorn is welcome at any movie screening. However, if you prefer to serve dinner while enjoying these cinematic suggestions, then check out the best pairings with Casal Garcia.

Discover Alegria. Discover Casal Garcia.

Mas e as pipocas? Sim, as pipocas são bem-vindas em qualquer sessão de cinema. Contudo, se preferes servir o jantar enquanto te delicias com estas sugestões cinematográficas, então confere as melhores harmonizações para acompanhar com Casal Garcia.

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