Get to know some tips to shine with alegria, happiness and optimism, so that your life is always sparkling!

Be Sparkling, always!

Sparkle: to shine brightly; someone or something that sparkles; that is energetic, interesting and exciting!

Shine, sparkle, recoup your liveliness! In short, live your life so radiantly that it will be impossible for those around you to remain indifferent to your brilliance! Do you need tips? We have all you need!

1.   Get moving!

That’s right: Move, exercise, energize your muscles. Working from home makes us more sedentary, and being less active has a huge influence on our mental health. Although it’s hard at first – inertia pulls us to the couch – we promise it will get better. Spending energy will get you in shape physically, but mostly mentally. And of course, when you’re at your best, you shine naturally! Know 6 tips to fight stress on a daily basis.

2.   Always smile (even if it’s under the mask)!

Use your smile as a timeless accessory! Smiles are contagious (the only kind of contagion we like!). Furthermore, if you smile at life, life will smile back at you! That is, when you face day-to-day life with good energy, even if you don’t have much desire or reason, you are already changing your mindset, opening the door to more positivity. Have you seen these tips to bring more alegria to your life?

3.  Don’t settle!

For obvious reasons, you haven’t been out much these days, right? We get it. But it is important that you do not let yourself be accommodated! Do you work from home? Wear the same outfit you would wear if you had to go to the office, and feel confident at the computer! Did you used to go to your grandparents’ for lunch on Sunday? Keep calling them at lunchtime on Sunday and talk a lot, to kill all that accumulated homesickness! So, going out at night with friends? Don’t anguish, take a look at these ideas to make the party with Casal Garcia, always safe!

4.   Resume your habits!

Did you have a weekly schedule that you followed? A movie night on Friday, a morning run on Saturday, yoga on Wednesdays after work, or ordering pizza on Sunday? It is true that during this year some of these things have become more difficult to accomplish – but not impossible, and here is the key. Restart your movie night, even if you have to do it by video call with your best friend; Go run on Saturday, even if alone; place an online yoga class on Wednesday and do your relaxation exercise at homem; and the pizza… don’t forget the pizza, Sunday is always pizza day, and if it’s homemade, the better! Although the year is ending, you are always in time to look back at your New Year’s resolutions – it’s never too late to shine!

5.   Think Positive!

Thinking positive brings you more focus, strength and happiness, and we think it is a result that, at the end of the day, is always worthwhile. Start your mornings in a lively spirit so the rest of the day will follow this flow. Like? Check out 7 tips to start the day with more alegria.

6.   Words that Shine!

It may seem silly, or even goofy, but using words that express joy, alegria and optimism will, little by little, bring you more enthusiasm and confidence. You do not believe us? You have to try it to confirm. We give you a list of some positive words to use on a daily basis: “perfect”, “great”, “incredible”, “wonderful”, “beautiful”, “adorable”, “happily”, “brilliant”, “hilarious”, “divine”, “excellent”, “delicious”, “fantastic”, “yes” (many yess for alegria), and most importantly, “thank you”. But don’t limit yourself to this list and add your own words, full of brilliance! A week later gives us the results, okay?

7.   Toast to Alegria!

Toasting to alegria, with those you love and who love you, is essential. Not only for you to shine, but for everything around you to shine. And what are the best wines to toast to alegria? Casal Garcia Sparkling White, obviously! And you don’t need a special occasion to do so: the special occasion is you and celebrating your family, your friends, and your alegria. Be it Casal Garcia Sparkling White or Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé, our Sparklings will undoubtedly bring more sparkle to your life!

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