To read a book is to have an unique experience. Is there a way to improve even more that unique experience? Yes that is – with a fine glass of Sangria. Discover your perfect literature match with Casal Garcia Sangrias.

Being home means more time to catch up with your reading. But a good reading, just like a good meal, requires a good Sangria to be up with.

Discover which book matches perfectly with our different Casal Garcia Sangrias.

3 books and 3 sangrias: perfect combination

Prepare your Sangria and your library. Nothing like a good harmonization between a book and a Sangria.

Casal Garcia Red Berries

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“Not that kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham and Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries

If you’re familiar with Lena Dunham, then this book needs no introduction. If you are not, then this is the introduction you needed. The young author, actress and director presents a set of personal reflections on the experiences of being a young adult. This book is steeped in Dunham’s characteristic humor, which manages to find comedy in any mundane event. A book about being a young woman in a fast-paced world. Very fun, it combines perfectly with the freshness and delicacy of Casal Garcia Red Berries.

Casal Garcia Sangria White

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The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Casal Garcia Sangria White

The Great Gatsby takes place during a summer when mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby decides to throw a memorable party. In this book there is mystery, intrigue, passion and suspense, among many other emotions that the bourgeoisie of Long Island hides in its bubble. Why Casal Garcia Sangria White? To toast with elegance to the extravagance and glamor of Jay Gatsby.

Casal Garcia Sangria Red

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Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and Casal Garcia Sangria Red

A book that never disappoints, that it’s a faithful companion of sunny spring or summer afternoons and that you wish it would never end! Did we say everything? That’s Pride and Prejudice! Passionate, full of dialogues that we would like to have had ourselves and with intense love stories, it is a sweet book that goes naturally well with Casal Garcia Sangria Red to accompany it – its fruity tones and faithful nature complement the fight for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s true love.

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