In need of a break from the screens? Do not worry! Casal Garcia has the solution for you: a digital detox to live the offline with even more alegria.

Technology and the digital world are incredible – there is no doubt about it – and, with more and more stimuli, it can be challenging not to dedicate all our time, attention and energy to them. If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to do a digital detox.

5 tips for a digital detox

To make a digital detox that works, you must be realistic and assume that you won’t be able to totally disconnect from the online world and new technologies. However, there are small steps you can take towards an offline life full of joy.

Meals and gatherings with friends without smartphones

Meals are moments that should be savored slowly, whether accompanied or alone, and preferably without your nose stuck in the smartphone, always focused on the notifications that appear.

It helps to eat healthier, to enjoy the company 100%, to avoid overeating and to take a break from digital. And, of course, when you’re with friends, the smarphone in your hand is a giant no. If you need to have something in hand, is there anything better than a glass of Casal Garcia ready for a toast to friendship?

Set Screen-time hours

Ok, we realize that you have emails to view, reports to write and an agenda to manage. Meaning, you need to dedicate some time of your day to your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

For that very reason, why not dedicate, for example, three hours a day to digital and reserve the rest of your free time to do what you like most in the analog world? Taking a walk on a park, arranging a dinner at your house with that person you haven’t seen in a long time or doing half an hour of exercise are just some of our suggestions!

Meditate before you go to sleep

The hours spent on social media before bed are often used as a way to “relax” from the long and tiring day, but the truth is that the effect they create is just the opposite.

Try doing a little meditation before going to bed, or even yoga. If this is not your thing, read, for example, a chapter of the book that is yet to be opened on your nightstand. We guarantee that you will sleep much better!

Activate yourself during the morning in the offline word

It is normal to want to be up to date on the latest topics early in the morning, but jumping out of bed directly to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or the like is not so healthy.

Instead, try doing a few stretches or a run and keep yourself offline until after breakfast, in a relaxed way. You will notice improvements in your mood, productivity and even health in general!

One screen at the time

If you think about it, you will realize that it has happened several times to be at the computer, while you will be peeking at Facebook on your cell phone and watching the television from the corner of your eye.

Time to change! Put the rule of using only one screen at a time and you will see that, in addition to less fatigue, you will feel much more focus.

And less time online guarantees an immense Alegria… with your friends and, of course, with Casal Garcia!

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