Live life slowly, shut down, enjoy every detail, see, hear and feel more. These are some of the principles of slow living. Find out how to adopt this lifestyle.

Life should be tasted like a good wine: slowly. But with the hectic pace of lifestyle that we eventually adopt over time, we see the days passing by and don’t even realize that life is moving too fast. For a few seconds, pause the world and think: Do you enjoy life as you would like

If your answer is no, then it’s time to learn about the slow living movement and its benefits.

What is this so-called slow living?

A necessidade de aproveitar o melhor da vida, através de um estilo de vida com mais equilíbrio, paz e sustentabilidade, é cada vez maior. E foi nesse sentido que surgiu o slow living, um estilo de vida que tem ganho seguidores por todo o mundo, fazendo parte da vida e rotina de inúmeras pessoas.

The need to make the best of life through a more balanced, peaceful and sustainable lifestyle is growing. And it was in this sense that emerged slow living, a lifestyle that has gained followers around the world, now being part of the life and routine of countless people.

O slow living permite-nos viver uma vida baseada em simplicidade, autenticidade, gratidão, resiliência e no mindfulness. Desafia-nos a sair do modo piloto automático e a fugir ao stress diário do qual nos sentimos prisioneiros.

The slow living allows us to live a life based on simplicity, authenticity, gratitude, resilience and mindfulness. It challenges us to exit autopilot mode and escape the daily stress of which we feel prisoners.

Those who adopt a slow living lifestyle know that happiness is in the present, in sharing, in people and in the little things in life. The happiness lies in enjoying an afternoon with the family, a Saturday morning surfing or simply in enjoying a glass of Casal Garcia. Learn to live life slowly, at home, with friends or at work.

Ready to live in slow mode?

1. Take care of what is important to you

Have you talked to your parents today? How long have you had a drink with your friends? Tell your partner how much you like him. Who are the most important people in your life? Caring and working the relationships that make us happy is fundamental for us to enjoy the slow living in full.

2. Reduce your schedule

You can’t slow down the pace you live in if there’s not a single free space on your calendar. Analyze your schedule and see what you can do now, what you do out of obligation, and the tasks you can delegate. Learn to say no to others and to say yes to yourself. To do this, you can start by reserving a blank space in the calendar just for you. Don’t mark anything, don’t think about what you want to do in this period. When that time comes, do whatever comes to your mind. Whatever you enjoy most in moments of relaxation – like having a glass of your favorite Rose.

3. Do one thing at a time

Today’s society forces us to be multitasking, to perform many roles at the same time. It seems that everything is urgent, everything needs to be done right now. But remember: you are only human. Only machines can do many things simultaneously, without stopping. Pause yourself and when you are done, do each task in order of priority, consciously and with your full attention. This is one of the most important principles of slow living.

4. Meditate

Still related to the previous point, meditation can help you pause, to breathe and think through the most difficult, stressful and hectic moments. If meditating is not up to you, then take your free time to read, listen to your favorite music, exercise or walk around. Take the opportunity to know yourself. You will feel calmer and fuller.

5. Wake up early and enjoy the day

For some, this may be the hardest part: waking up early. But this is the best time to feel the quietness of the day, to have a good breakfast, to exercise, and then, yes, get down to business. Take the first time of day to be offline and disconnect from the world. It’s your moment!

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