Every Portuguese person knows how special April 25th is. It’s Freedom Day. And, as we are getting closer to a day that was so important for the history of our country, as well as with the situation that we live, it is practically inevitable to think about our own freedom.

About a year ago we had to give up much of what made us happy – some of our freedom. We were confined at home, unable to see family, or on the other hand, only being able to see family. We miss our friends, we know all the angles (even the least beautiful) of the person we love, we despaired of “just one night”.

Celebrate your freedom: 5 tips.

Since this week’s theme (or should we say, the whole month?) is freedom, here are 5 tips for finding your own freedom.

1.   The freedom to live calmy

After living “on pause” for practically a year, there is always that feeling that we have to live through all the exciting things that we “lost” in the least possible time to make up for it. This FOMO is understandable, but you have to remain calm! Life (and yours too) is full of little things that bring immense happiness. Perhaps you can’t make that trip that you dreamed of for years at the moment. But try to enjoy a glass of Casal Garcia Sweet again, on a terrace, with your best friends … it is not as memorable as a trip, but it is still amazing.

2.   The freedom of daring

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that everything can change from one day to another. One day we are doing our normal life, the next we are in a lockdown. So, although very cliché, the truth is that we really have to enjoy the life we have. So, dare to enjoy your life. Try that hobby you are not sure, take care of that thing that makes you uncomfortable. Free yourself from fears that will not let you live 100%.

3. The freedom of moving on

Being stuck in the past to bad feelings, to people who left our lives, to situations and moments that never come back, is toxic. It prevents us from living our lives – the only ones we have. Let it all go, let go. Clean Marie Kondo style, but the non-material things. If you have inspiration, also clean the closet and the house, the garage and the storage, and all the places where you can be storing objects that will not let you move on. Free yourself!

4.   The freedom of saying no

Continuing the line of “life is short”, we have to talk about all the things you do out of obligation, those that make someone happy, but not you. We understand, saying “no” is difficult. It can mean driving a friend away, or inciting a more serious conversation with the family, or someone you value. But it is also a path to freedom and, ultimately, to happiness. At this point, we assume that after being more than a year practically alone with yourself, you will have had time to think well and evaluate what you want in your life and what you don’t want. Exercise your freedom to say “no”!

5.   And the freedom of sayings yes too!

The “no” is suitable for many situations, but the “yes” … the yes is much better! Say yes to new adventures, to meet people, to be social. Free yourself from the fears that hold you back and don’t let you be whoever you want – be they: lack of confidence, lack of courage, fear of disappointing someone, or fear of someone’s judgment – and say yes! Say yes to an adventure, say yes to a date, say yes to that secret desire within you. We around here would say yes to a glass of Casal Garcia with the ones you love the most.

And, of course, celebrate April 25, Freedom Day! With a Sparkling to mark the festive occasion, with a Rosé to match the red carnations, or even a Sangria, to honor the happiness of the day. You choose! And happy April 25th.

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