Tell us how’s your father and we’ll tell you which Casal Garcia matches him the best in this Father’s Day.

Depending on what country you in, Father’s Day is celebrated in different days. But in Portugal, and in most countries with this tradition, Father’s Day is celebrated in Saint Joseph’s day, on the 19th of March, since the Middle Age.

On this date we pay tribute to every father of this world – and, of course, each of us want to pay tribute to ours. But, what to offer on this Father’s Day? Our suggestion is obvious: a Casal Garcia wine, perfect to share with the ones you love.

Which Casal Garcia is the best for your father?

Like a good wine, every father has its own set of characteristics which give them a unique flavor, body and strength. In this Father’s Days there’s a Casal Garcia for each father. Discover which one is the appropriate one for yours and surprise him!

The funny dad

Your father is playful, always with a smile to offer and he’s the soul of the party of every family reunion. For such a graceful spirit, a light and young suggestion: Casal Garcia Sangrias.

You now only have to decode your father: is he a man of strong flavors? Casal Garcia Sangria Red pairs incredibly well with orange! On the other side, if his taste goes better with lemon and cinnamon, don’t hesitate and grab now a Casal Garcia Sangria White. If your father prefers sweet and fresh flavors, like peppermint, the right choice is Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries. And don’t forget to leave him the hint: to serve it fresh, between 6ºC and 8ºC, with ice.

The charismatic dad

Your father is one of a kind. Even if it’s not on purpose, your father is the the center of the attentions because everyone seems to gravitate around him for such a special presence he is.

Charismatic, dazzling – eccentric as well maybe? Don’t look further, the best choice is Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé. This Father’s Day celebrate the authenticity of yours, like it should be! A remarkable wine for someone truly unique.

The elegant dad

If elegance is the word you would use to describe your father, then look no further. Your father is man of Casal Garcia Sparkling White!

This wine goes perfectly with moments of party and it pairs impeccably with delicate flavors (exquisite we’d even say). Like your father, Casal Garcia Sparkling White distinguish itself for its elegance, sophistication and delicacy. Make this Father’s Day a compliment to his personality.

The sweet dad

If your father is sweet, but really really sweet – that kind of person so sweet that makes you have faith in humanity – then the most indicated wine for him is Casal Garcia Sweet.

The sweetness of Casal Garcia Sweet matches perfectly with your father’s heart: always ready to give you a word of encouragement and reassurance.  If your father, in addition to be a sweet person also enjoy sweets, in this Father’s Days combine Casal Garcia Sweet with an intense and appetizing desert – there’s no better combination!

The traditional dad

The traditional father is the one that lives by traditions, enjoy a nice classic wine and never skip a conventional celebration.

For this father, Casal Garcia White is the ideal choice. A wine with history and so Portuguese. You can’t miss with such a wine that is so widely praised right?

The demanding dad

You father shows assertiveness in everything he does. He’s a perfectionist, extremely punctual, regimented and it’s often very demanding – except with you, because you are the most important thing to him.

Yes, we know perfectly the type. A strong personality asks for an intense wine with a strong character – for the refined tastes. Casal Garcia Tinto is the perfect combination with your father: elegant and fruity, with a unique and delightful flavor!

But don’t forget to give your father the most important thing on this Father’s Day: a kiss and a hug for all the love and joy.

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