During Christmas time friends and family get together and fill the houses with love and joy! This year make it even more memorable with these 7 tips.

Organizing Christmas is almost a full-time job. It’s the family that comes from far away, the friends who only have two days of vacation, the indecision regarding presents… but this year we want you to focus less on organizing and more on living this season that is, above all, about love. Check out 7 ways to make this Christmas amazing with those you love.

1. Write cards and mail them

Sending messages and SMS wishing a happy Christmas is something we all do because at this point it is almost impossible to be in person with everyone as we would like. But what if you bring a little nostalgia and make this Christmas more analogical? Write Christmas cards and mail them “old-fashioned”. Can you imagine anything cuter than getting a letter from someone you love in the mail?

2. Get together with that person you haven’t seen in years

Whether is that friend from high school you’ve had such a good time with, a teacher who inspired you, or even a distant family member you’ve always admired… surely there’s someone you keep incredible memories with, but with whom life has made it hard to keep up with, right? Invite that person to a date and, with no hurries, catch up. Nothing like recovering ties in a time as beautiful as Christmas.

3. Homemade cakes, sweets and suppers

If being with family at Christmas is essential, typical Christmas sweets and cakes are second on the list. Why not free your agenda a little so that you can devote an afternoon to cooking and baking pastries and cakes? In addition to going back to your childhood days when you helped your mother or grandmother prepare Christmas dinner, you’ll be able to spend quality time with those you love and create more family memories.

4. Dedicate your Christmas Eve to family

This is the right time to stop, breathe and have a good time with someone who is so eager to see you. On Christmas eve night, turn off the cell phone and do what you used to do when you were a kid: watch a movie, take the Monopoly off the shelf, gather around the fireplace and tell the same old stories that have been repeated over and over but are never enough because they are awesome.

5. Christmas, with everything you’re entitled to…

It is true that when we are children, a Christmas tree full of lights and colorful balls has more impact: it is a symbol of presents and Santa, and good times shared. This year don’t be too lazy to decorate your home. Decorate it from floor to ceiling with lights, ornaments, flowers and with everything you want to! Because Christmas is not any regular day, so it calls for a special celebration.

6 … don’t forget Christmas’ songs

Is it Christmas without Christmas’ songs, really Christmas? Fill your home with the spirit of the season, sing and laugh with your family and friends – after all, everyone secretly loves Christmas songs. If it’s a Santa Claus hood inside a Christmas sweater, then even better! And yes, it is corny, and even a little ridiculous, but in the end, what you will have is great joy and many good times with those who love you.

7. Give joy, give Casal Garcia

Although Christmas is not just about presents, it always warms the soul to see someone happy with a gift from you, isn’t it? This year spend more time sharing and less time choosing. There is a perfect Casal Garcia for each of your friends! The best part? It’s an excuse to share a good time with them and to make toasts to joy.

From our side, the Casal Garcia team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a lot, but a lot of Joy!

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