There is magic between wines and moments: Just like the food that goes well with your wine, the scenario is also essential when tasting your favorite Garcia Garcia.

You may have heard a lot about culinary combinations with different types of wine. But what about the … aesthetics combinations? We have news for you: each type of Casal Garcia has a perfect setting. Prepare your notepad, your camera and let’s go to them.

Where to taste your favorite Garcia Garcia?

Do you know which dishes match the best with your Casal Garcia? Good! Now we’re going to tell you what the perfect scenarios are to enjoy them!

Beach: Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries

The best place to watch the sunset is on the beach, isn’t it? Special moments that, particularly in the summer, tend to be long, in warm tones and infinitely romantic. And what better than to accompany such beauty with Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries? The lightness, joviality and the color of this Sangria perfectly match the moment and the scenario.

Pool: Casal Garcia Sangria White

Swimming is synonymous of fun, whether at a friend’s house, or at that vacation home you’ve rented with your friends. And this relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenario can only be improved with a glass of Casal Garcia Sangria White. Add some colorful fruits and prepare your Instagram!

Rooftop: Casal Garcia Sparkling White

Gathering and celebrating on a rooftop? Guaranteed class! And as such, this scenario calls for an elegant wine, such as Casal Garcia Sparkling White. Like the lights that illuminate the city in the background the bubbles of this sparkling will electrify the moment. Enjoy, and don’t forget to take a picture of your toast with the city as a background.

Starry night: Casal Garcia White

A romantic moment, a meeting with friends, a toast after dinner, or even just stargazing. Between wines and moments, the perfect companion for this moment and scenario is Casal Garcia White. Not only the aromas of Casal Garcia White, but also the freshness, lightness and color make this wine the perfect link for a starry night.

A barbecue: Casal Garcia Sangria Tinta

Barbecue is alegria, friends and fun! For this very reason, Casal Garcia Sangria Red is the perfect guest for a barbecue with friends. A colorful sangria, and a well decorated glass, are the icing on the cake on such an occasion.

A green Picnic: Casal Garcia Sweet

A picnic in the park, in the woods, in the garden … what matters is that green nature is the common denominator for a Casal Garcia Sweet. Refreshing and young, Casal Garcia Sweet is also fruity and fresh. Do you need more reasons to share wines and moments? We know you don’t.

Waterfall: Casal Garcia Rosé

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a waterfall nearby, or to find one while walking in the woods. But if you’re one of those lucky people, don’t forget to take a fresh bottle of Casal Garcia Rosé. Why? Because the colors of the rocks that surround the waterfalls, and its own crystal-clear water, combine aesthetically and aromatically with a delicious wine, with a pink hue, full of notes of strawberries, cherries and woodland fruits. If you don’t believe us, we challenge you to try it!

Romantic getaway: Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé

A romantic getaway is always a reason to celebrate: the alegria, the love! And what better wine to celebrate love than Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé? All the power and flavor of a Sparkling, with a romantic touch, ideal for all moments of party and celebration!

Mountain: Casal Garcia Red

Camping, trekking, climbing? All activities have a moment of pause and reflection. On the mountain you want Casal Garcia Red  – just like nature, this wine is down-to-earth: fruity, velvety, and with a long finish. To make this scenario more perfect, nothing like friends around a fire, telling stories and toasting to Alegria.

See it for yourself and show us a photo of your favorite Garcia Garcia in your perfect scenario!

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