Empty Casal Garcia bottles? You can recycle them in the bottle bank or you can get creative and come up with functional and decorative objects. What will it be?

After the bottles are empty, Casal Garcia bottles belong to bottle bank. If you already do that, congratulations and thank you! The planet thanks you as well! But there is another destination for you to give your empty bottles that is just as sustainable: reuse. But with an extra step: upcycling.

Upcycling is the reuse and transformation of apparently useless materials or objects (garbage) in a creative way, so that the final product does not have the same function as the original, increasing the quality or value of the object.

Check out 9 tips for you to transform your Casal Garcia bottles with creativity and art.

Upcycling: 9 ways to give Casal Garcia bottles a new life

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about reusing empty wine bottles is to add water and a flower, and that’s it, right? Certainly, we say! However, it doesn’t have to be that simple. If you like the look of a clear glass bottle with water inside and a colorful flower, then do it! If you prefer something more elaborate, it’s time to get down to business. Be careful cutting glass: if you don’t feel comfortable doing, just ask for help to someone who knows or just move on to other ideas that don’t involve cutting glass!

Decorated Jug

Take your empty Casal Garcia bottle and start decorating it now. How? You have several options! The simplest ones: you can put some clean pebbles, marbles, or decorative glass pebbles at the bottom of the clean bottle, fill halfway with water and place a long-stemmed flower, such as a tulip or gerbera. For something more elaborate, get paint for glass and let your imagination run wild. With some lace and contact glue, you can also decorate your bottle with pieces of lace or other fabrics.

Elegant candlesticks

Those tall candles are perfect to give your home a really elegant look. However, with old-fashioned candlesticks, you risk making your room look like a vampire’s lair. For a more contemporary style, paint a very clean bottle with glass paint, tie a string on the neck and place a tall candle in a color that matches the one you chose, and voilá! A personalized and easy to make candlestick.

Table Lamp

Do you know that beautiful lamp you have in the garage collecting dust? It’s time to add it to that bottle of Casal Garcia Sparkling White. You will, however, need to drill a small hole in the bottom of the bottle in order to pass the lamp wire. You can drill a hole with a glass cutter (similar to an box cutter) for sale in DIY stores.

Ceiling Lamp

To make a ceiling lamp you will need to cut the bottom of your empty Casal Garcia bottle – be it wine, sangria or sparkling. Don’t forget to smooth the cut part well! Paint, or decorate your bottle as you like – you can even glue pebbles of glass to give a colorful effect or use semi-transparent paints for the same effect. Insert the cable and lamp through the open hole and pass the cable through the neck. Then you just have to hang it and that’s it.

Table Center for events

When safe and possible, events with guests and several tables will certainly come back. You can then use an empty Casal Garcia bottle as a centerpiece. A cute idea is to paint it with slate paint, so you can write on it with chalk and erase it as many times as you want. Another idea is to paint it, or fill it with pebbles, marbles, or other small objects to create a funny pattern.

Cruet for flavored olive oil

If you are fond of flavored olive oil, empty Casal Garcia bottles will help you a lot – especially the transparent ones! After being thoroughly cleaned, fill them with different flavored oils. And in order not to get confused in the flavor, put a tag to identify or put the herb with which you flavored the oil in the bottle. You just have to complement it with a dosing nozzle, which you can easily find for sale in any decoration and home goods store, and put your new cruets on a shelf in the kitchen in plain view.

Minimalist Decor

An empty bottle, opaque paint, metallic paint, or glitter and glue are some of the materials you may need for this project. Then paint your bottle or decorate it with glitter, let it dry, and use it to decorate a dresser, table, bookcase or whatever you feel like it!

Self-irrigating Vases

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? But it’s not. You just need an empty Casal Garcia bottle, an empty jar and a glass cutter. You’ll need, as well, some potting soil, seeds and a coffee filter. Cut your empty bottle in half with the help of the cutter and smooth the corners well. Place a coffee filter inside to cover the neck and fill the rest with potting soil and seeds – the filter will prevent the potting soil from falling down the neck. Put water in the empty pitcher and fit your half bottle in the vase – with the neck down. The pressure will cause the water to rise into your “vase” without needing to water regularly. You will only need to refill the jar from time to time.

Decorative “fireflies”

Do you miss the summer fireflies? So do we! To get a feeling of a hot summer night again, take Christmas lights – preferably with batteries – and put them on in a clean and empty Casal Garcia bottle. Then just place your “firefly” in the garden, on the balcony, in a corner at home, on a coffee table, or wherever you want to create a sparkling environment.

But don’t just stay with our ideas! Make bird feeders, garden torches, flatten your bottles and create “dishes” to serve cheese and sausage boards, and many more.

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