Carnival is one of those times when the essential thing is a lot of joy and a costume. Check out these ideas.

Carnival is a synonym of broad smiles, laughter coming from strangers, unknown guffaws, and moments with friends! And of course, in funny costumes! If you are uninspired, check out our funny costumes’ tips for Carnival 2020, whether you go in couple, in a group or just for you.

For couples:

The two halves of an avocado

Make your better half the other half of the avocado! Do not forget to make the costume so that the round stone of the avocado fits in the other half so that when huging the “avocado” it closes.

Soap and loofah

This one is very easy to make and can work as a last-minute costume. One of you will be the soap and the other one the loofah. The soap costume can be made from a painted carton box – and you’ll be a soap with arms and legs. The loofah can be made from tulle fabric.

The magician and its escaping rabbit

Imagine this: a magician running after its rabbit in the middle of a crowd. It will, for sure, ensure some good laughs from the people present.

A Pizza and its Delivery man

One of you is the pizza, a box of pizza or a slice of pizza, and the other one will be the delivery man. Bonus points if you go together in a bike!

For groups:

The Office cast

A suit and a mug for Michael. Centre parting hair, glasses and a pair of beets for Dwight. A banjo for Andy. Don’t forget Angela’s cats! We know you and your friends know the characteristics of each one.

Sushi Buffet

This group costume requests some DIY but it will guarantee some good laughs for sure. If you’re a big group you can dress as nigiris, makis, sashimi, etc. Better yet is there’s a sushi man!

Pacman and company

If you need an easy, quick and fun – little bit geek, as well – you can dress up totally black or white and make the little puppets from this cult game in painted jagged cardboard. And, of course, the PacMan will have to, at least a couple of times, chase the other members.

Power Rangers

If you really want to have a 2020 Carnival in great style, recreate the Power Rangers’ cast! Dress up with their colors (if you need to create new Power Rangers with new colors it’s fine) and, for an extra impact, prepare a routine!

Only for you:

Erro 404: Not found

A white t-shirt and a marker is everything you need for this last-minute costume! Write “Error: 404: Not Found” in the t-shirt and there you go! Yes, it’s simple but will pull some laughs for sure.

Where’s Wally?

You need rounded glasses, a pompom, cap and a white with red stripes t-shirt. Finish it with blue jeans and you’re Wally! Now you only need to disappear and make your friends find you.

50 Shades of Grey

This one requires some preparation because you will need, literally, 50 shades of grey. Paint your t-shirt you 50 shades of grey and this joke will surely pull some good laughs – after a period of reflection.


This one allows you go by yourself, in two or in group, because it’s very easy and always funny. You’ll need an all-green outfit, tight, some white wool and yellow, red and pink pompons. Use the white tool to fake the cactus needles. Stich some pompons in the shoulders and a couple more of them in the wrists and use the rest as hair adornment. During the evening don’t forget the pose as a cactus! But the indispensable really is joy.

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