Choose the best wine: The perfect Casal Garcia for every type of better half

St. Valentine is just around the corner and you still haven’t decided which wine to share with your better half? Tell us who you are, and we’ll tell you which is the best wine Casal Garcia.

Dinner: check; the appetizers: check; the dessert: check; the gift and the dedication: check, check. But what about the wine? On Valentine’s Day, nothing can be left to chance. If the choice of the perfect wine for the day is being a stone in your shoe, check out the tips we have prepared.

The perfect wine for your better half

We are not tired of saying that wines have personality. They really do. And while a person may like several wines, several aromas, or several flavors, it is also true that there is a wine that perfectly matches each personality. What is the perfect wine to share on Valentine’s Day?

If your better half…

Is the sweetest thing

The perfect Garcia Garcia for the occasion has sweet in its name. Do you know what it is? Of course you do. Both Casal Garcia Sweet and Casal Garcia Sweet Red are the ones if your better half is someone who likes sweeter, lighter, and intensely fruity wine. Think about this day’s menu: do you start the meal with some snacks and raisins for Italian cuisine? Your ally is Casal Garcia Sweet Red, served very fresh. But what about dessert? Casa Garcia Sweet calls for intense, sweet desserts – a red velvet cake, a tiramisu, or a wild fruit cheesecake will do the trick.

Is always laughing

Alegria and good mood are words used to describe your better half. This person is someone who laughs a lot, who makes others laugh, and who always has a smile – even in moments when you feel like crying. This person deserves a wine to match: fun, optimistic, which brings joy and Alegria! Are you thinking what we are thinking? The Casal Garcia Sangrias are especially suitable for these people. They are light, relaxed, and very, very adaptable. You can serve as is, or you can give your personal touch. With strawberries you can turn the Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries into a romantic drink, with lemon peel and mint you can make a Casal Garcia Sangria White almost like a cocktail, and with a cinnamon stick and an orange peel you can take Casal Garcia Sangria Red to another level.

Never misses a party

The best wine for the soul of the party is, of course, festive. This person loves gifts, loves speeches, is an entertainer. Well, say no more. The right Garcia Garcia for this person is a Casal Garcia Sparkling White. But don’t think that this sparkling is only for desserts! Oh no. This sparkling is truly incredible, and goes perfectly with seafood and seafood dishes, smoked salmon, caviar, squids and oysters. It also works wonderfully with stuffed mushrooms and vegetables, egg dishes, foie gras and, of course, sushi. Are you taking notes?

Belongs to a romantic comedy

We all know a person who could live in a rom-com: a friend, a family member, ourselves (!), or – if we’re really lucky – our better half. Celebrating St. Valentine with this person is straight out of a movie. This person loves St. Valentine, breathes love, lives for great deeds, in short… the best person ever to spend February 14th with. But this person is also a person of habits. Love is red, and the best wine is Rosé. Give this person a Casal Garcia Rosé. But pay attention, roses, chocolates, a personalized card and a poem must take part of this gift.

Hates Valentine’s Day

Uf. Tough. We personally love Valentine’s Day, but there are those who especially get anoyed with the day. Even so, you can’t let the day go by. Thus, we suggest a classic wine, which does not necessarily refer to this celebration, but which is (obviously) better when shared: Casal Garcia Branco, our classic.

It’s one of a kind

We have a special wine – very special – for different people. Bold, challenging, vibrant, intense, that makes the traffic stop. Are we describing your better half? Well, we are also describing our Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé. This sparkling combines the elegance of a sparkling wine with the sweetness of a rosé and the result is an explosion of senses. Like your significant other. Do you want to score extra points? Pair it with a spicy dish. All in!

Is only right

Or … is an assertive person, let’s put it this way. That person that is always right is a person with well-defined tastes. They know what they like, they know what you don’t like, they rarely have doubts. We love confident people, and confident people love a Casal Garcia Red. Touriga Nacional, which is part of this “decided” wine, is considered the most noble grape variety in Portugal, and Tinta Roriz gives it a young and fruity aroma. Did we just describe your Valentine’s day?

After these tips, you just need to have everything ready in time. And, pro tip, don’t leave the card with a personal message for the end. Write it in time and put a lot of love in it – you’re welcome.

Discover Love and Alegria. Discover Casal Garcia!

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