International Friend Day is celebrated on July the 30th and this day calls for a serious celebration! Find out which Casal Garcia wine suits each of your friends!

On July the 30th we celebrate International Friendship Day or International Friend Day and we think this day is absolutely indispensable. Find out what wine to offer your friends to celebrate this day, based on their personality.

Tell us how your friend is, and we will tell you which wine

Like people, each wine has its own personality – and, of course, for each personality there is a Casal Garcia!

The Savior

Do you have “that” friend who is always in charge of organizing all the logistics of a trip, roadtrip, picnic or even a trip to the beach? The responsible friend, the planner, the one without whom the rest of the gang would be completely lost? If the answer is yes, we advise you to offer your “rescuer” friend a bottle of Casal Garcia White: this wine goes, just like your friend, straight to the point. A classic, good and assertive… what more can you ask for?

The Spontaneous

This friend appears every now and then with a new tattoo, a radical cut, an edgy style, and his plans are… practically improvised in the spot? We have a diagnosis: your friend is a serial spontaneous. The perfect gift for this friend is a Casal Garcia Sangria White: relaxed, cheerful and refreshing!

The Festivalgoer

With festival-goers, we are referring to that friend whose natural habitat is in the middle of a festival camping; the friend who does not fear dust or rain, who always has an alternate tent and who is a true masterchef of campingaz. That friend is probably going through a difficult time this year, so he deserves an extra dose of attention. Offer him a Casal Garcia Sangria Red and add some orange peels and mint leaves to give it a summerier flavor, never forgetting to put some good music playing in the background.

The Romantic

Not only does this friend have overwhelming passions, he is the best and the greatest matchmaker you know. He is the incurable romantic who believes in soul mates, destiny and unconditional love. For Cupid’s twin brother (from different parents), we recommend a bottle of Casal Garcia Rosé. This wine, with notes of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, does not fail to touch hearts! And by being so light and fresh, it certainly brings a note of hope.

The Alegria in person

Do you know that member of your group of friends who is always in a good mood, always with a smile on his face and who has a contagious laugh? That one! The friend who, for all the moments that made your day better with a joke, a pep talk or simply with your presence, deserves a Casal Garcia Sangria Red Berries. Decorate that glass it with strawberries or blackberries and a mint leaf. The alegria is always greater when shared.

The influencer

This friend is a fashionista. He is the king of Instagram, a mandatory presence at fashion events, loves rooftops and is the group’s foodie. He is also the personal fashion consultant for all other members of the gang. This friend needs to be presented with a bottle of Casal Garcia Sparkling White, as both are always the special guests of any celebration.

The Eccentric

Is this friend irreverent, is he different, is he far ahead? We know the type. This friend deserves to be presented with a Casal Garcia Sparkling Rosé. And why? Like your friend, our Sparkling Rosé is an impactful wine that is hard to forget. In addition, a friend who does not go unnoticed also wants a wine that stands out.

The Friendly Shoulder

There is no other name to call this friend, he or she is really that friendly shoulder. This person is the one who comforts you, who supports you in serious moments and not so serious moments, who always have a hug ready to go- and most importantly, without asking for anything in return. This friend, the shoulder of choice, deserves a gift as sweet as him: Casal Garcia Sweet.

Don’t let this date pass by without celebrating it with your friends! A toast with Casal Garcia, to friendship and alegria.

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