Check the best tips to find Alegria in every room of your house. Nothing that a good dose of imagination will not solve!

Confinement forces you to go out less and be more at home. For those who love being in the comfort of home, this period has been a blessing, but for those who love social life, love running, and cannot live without some stress, this situation may be less easy.

But don’t panic now: it’s possible to make your confinement more interesting! And you have everything you need inside your home!

Everything from the outside, inside: discover the Alegria of being at home.

Being at home without being able to go out is not ideal, but it is always possible to make the time you spend indoors happier! For this we created a set of tips to be able to have (almost) everything that you miss on the street at home. Check it out!

A restaurant in the kitchen

The first thing you need to transform your kitchen or dining room into a restaurant is elegance. So you need candles, a jazz playlist, a beautiful tablecloth, beautiful plates, cutlery and glasses, and, of course, lighting that creates a more intimate atmosphere. For a romantic dinner, also add a flower in a tall jar. Then you have to decide whether you want to cook or order food. Finally, just choose the day. Don’t forget the starters and the dessert – which, although they are rarely eaten at home, are almost mandatory in the restaurant. Serve with Casal Garcia most suitable for each dish, et voilá!

If you decide to be your own chef, may you not lack imagination! Check out this incredible sushi recipe and three delicious tapas that go great with Casal Garcia.

A cinema room in the living room

Blackout curtains are a great addition to your home theater, but they are not essential. Essential is a good movie. If you have a white wall that you can use and a projector, even better! To give that really involving effect, use good speakers to spread the sound around the room. Popcorn is optional, but highly recommended! What is also recommended is a glass of your favorite Garcia Garcia. Check out the best films of 2020 and Casal Garcia that matches each one!

A terrace on the balcony

Your narrow balcony can become your personal terrace, where you can read a book, drink a coffee, a glass of wine, enjoy a pastel de nata, or do crossword puzzles. How? With a table and two outdoor chairs. And for a more welcoming terrace, add some decorative elements such as lights around the handrail, or a candle on the table. But what if it’s cold? You only need to add tea and hot chocolate to the menu, and add blankets to cover your shoulders or knees, just as you would on a normal terrace. On good days, you can even go out with the laptop and go to work outside.

If you want to go to the terrace with your friends like you used to do, set up a Zoom party with them and your good to go. Check these tips to make a par-tey (with distance) with Casal Garcia.

A spa in the bathroom

Spa rule number one: ambience, ambience, ambience! A spa needs a relaxed yet inviting atmosphere with light q.s. – neither too much nor too little -, relaxing playlist – sounds of nature, rain, sea, etc. – lots of candles, and privacy. Treat yourself and try bath salts or bath foams, face masks, foot masks, and even hair masks. What to do during that time? Reading a book goes well with a bubble bath! If you want to catch up on your series, Netflix is your ally. But your personal spa does not need to be momentary, it can even be permanent! To do this try to remove unnecessary things from your bathroom and replace them with green plants like succulents. Plants will bring nature into your bathroom. To accompany a good spa session: a glass of Casal Garcia White Wine.

A Zen corner in the room

Normally, working, being on the laptop or exercising in the bedroom, can cause you to not be able to rest well at night, since your resting place becomes associated with stress or effort. That is why it is recommended, for those who work from home, to use rooms other than the bedroom as much as possible. In this case, due to the lack of a private space, the room is the perfect place to install a Zen corner. How? You know what helps you to relax, but our suggestions are: a blanket on the floor, several comfortable pillows, candles and incense, relaxing sounds, and a yoga mat. If the presence of plants helps you to relax and calm down, also decorate your Zen corner with some plants! You can do yoga, pilates, stretches, meditation or whatever helps you to be calmer.

Do not forget to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Try to sunbathe for 15 to 20 minutes every day, exposing your hands, arms and face or legs to stimulate the production of vitamin D – the best hours are between 12 pm and 4 pm. As they say (and quite rightly) a healthy body, a healthy mind.

Discover Alegria in your home, Discover Casal Garcia!

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