Prepare your thumbs because Casal Garcia has a new mission for you. The Casal Garcia Crush app is here to give even more Alegria to your summer!

Because summer is around the corner and we love Alegria, we just launched a casual game app with Casal Garcia signature! A lot of fun, prizes and, of course, a lot of Alegria awaits you with the Casal Garcia Crush app.

Ready to play Casal Garcia Crush?

Do you want to know more about the brand new Casal Garcia Crush? Let’s do it!

The rules: how many points can you do?

The new Casal Garcia Crush is a custom puzzle game with an Augmented Reality (AR) component. In each level there is a goal to fulfill. What do you have to do? Combine three or more bottles of the same color, in a horizontal or vertical line, until you reach what is required to pass the level. At the beginning, you will have five lives to try to pass the level you are playing. However, beware! The fewer moves you use to complete the level, the higher score you will get.

The rankings: can you reach the top?

There are two types of competition at Casal Garcia Crush: the “Daily World” and the “Weekly World”. This way, you can decide which one you want to play and in which world you want to accumulate points. You can also play both Worlds simultaneously, switching between one competition and another. The scores you obtain in the “Daily World” and “Weekly World” accumulate points in the Global Ranking, which will be live from 14th of June until 05th of September.

Can you reach the top of the daily, weekly and global rankings?

How to win lives: share, invite and .. Casal Garcia!

What if you lose your initial five lives? Easy. To earn more lives and continue to rock at Casal Garcia Crush, you have several alternatives:

  • Every 30 minutes you will have a new life. After two and a half hours you will have the initial five lives.
  • Invite your friends on social networks to play Casal Garcia Crush. For each invitation you earn one life, up to a maximum of five lives per day.
  • Send an invitation to play Casal Garcia Crush by email. For every invitation you send by email you earn one life, up to a maximum of three lives per day.
  • Scan the labels of any Casal Garcia bottle using your smartphone. Each activation you gain one life up to a maximum of three lives per day – you have to see the animation until the end.

The Prizes: can you win them?

On top of all this, you can even win exclusive Casal Garcia prizes! The more points you accumulate in the daily, weekly, and global rankings, the more opportunities you have to be one of the winners! The prizes for the best classifieds at Casal Garcia Crush range from a trip to Madeira, a Super Stars Experiences or a Retro Refrigerator to the entire Casal Garcia family range! You can win prizes every day on the daily world, every week on the weekly world and at the end of the contest (you can see your score in the Global Ranking).

Ready to collect, accumulate and win? The Casal Garcia Crush app is available for free for Android and iOS. Download Casal Garcia Crush to your smartphone or tablet now and start earning points!

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