To Discover Alegria in the small things is our motto! That’s why we’ll take the reins of this situation to help you find Alegria.

To value the small things and the small moments of your everyday life is key to a life full of Alegria. You want to know how? We help you!

1. Take care of yourself!

If you take care of yourself, you’ll find Alegria in the most unlikely moments. Now that’s your home, read a book, watch a good movie, do facial masks or a home workout.

Do everything that we’ll make you feel good and in peace with yourself – these things are important to take care of yourself.

2. Try do distract yourself!

Look to distract yourself by doing the things you enjoy, like watering the plants, organizing your closet or office, updating your Spotify lists, revisiting old photo albums or trying to make some new dishes from the cookbook that’s been in stand by for too long.

At the end of the day, there’s always a videocall that will help to shorten distances and warm your heart!

3. Enjoy the small things of life

A smile, a bird singing outside your window, a neighbor that offers himself to help you with everything you need.

Take opportunity, as well, to hand out Alegria and say good morning to your neighbors through the balcony or make a toast with the people that live right across your window.

4. Laugh more

To laugh is the best medicine, as they say. But medicine for what? For everything, we say.

Laugh when you can’t access the wifi, laugh when you’re out of toilet paper, laugh when you feel like crying!

5. Surround yourself with good people

Even if you can’t physically be with your family and friends now, arrange videocalls, online group activities or even a virtual toast at the end of the day.

Surrounding yourself with people that are good to you is key to feel even more Alegria.

6. Bonus: Share you Alegria!

Alegria is the only thing that increases when shared! For that reason, a very special advise: share your Alegria! With whom? Anyone you want to: family, friends, better half… Share your Alegria with whomever shared paths with you! If there’s life, there’s Alegria!

And what’s the best way to share Alegria with your friends? Our suggestion starts with a funny dinner, videocall style, full of your favorite Casal Garcia!

In fact, in this sensible moment where we should stay home and look after the collective wellbeing, nothing like sharing our moments of discovering Alegria. Take part of our challenge “Discover Alegria” and share a photo of yours in your Instagram Stories with the hashtag #discoveralegria. Then, tag 3 of your friends and challenge them to take part in this chain of Alegria! If you tag @casal_garcia we’ll share your Instagram Story in our Instagram Stories so that your Alegria can reach out to more people. We’ll be waiting for your share!

Alegria: Portuguese word for joy, happiness, celebration, amusement, liveliness, fun. As you can see, a single word can mean lot of good things. And that’s Alegria!

Haja Alegria, Haja Casal Garcia!



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