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The sun is out, temperatures on the rise and there’s nothing better than gathering family and friends around the barbie. You are the king/queen of the flame, but you also want to ace the drinks that will perfectly complement your barbecue feast. Never fear, Casal Garcia is here! As experts in spreading joy and deliciousness through wine, we’ve put together a list of wines that are guaranteed to make you ace the BBQ.

Fruity and zesty – Casal Garcia White (Vinho Verde)

A fresh and crispy white wine that will brighten up your palate with delicious notes of citrus fruits. Vinho verde is the wine region to look for and why not try the number one Vinho Verde in the world? Casal Garcia White is the perfect pair for your chargrilled chicken thighs, corn on the cob with melting butter and that homemade coleslaw that is a must in every summer barbecue.

Available through Instacart, Total Wine and all major Liquor stores.

Bold and juicy – Casal Garcia Red Wine

Make your juicy ribs even more memorably by pairing this dish with a bold and spicy red wine. Casal Garcia Red Wine is a bang for your buck and is guaranteed to highlight the sauces and juices of your ribs and more fatty meats like sausages and hamburgers.

Fresh and Fruity – Casal Garcia Rosé

Looking for something lighter? We all know the side dishes are the bread and butter of any Summer BBQ. You need a vibrant and fruity rosé to tie together all those fresh Mediterranean aromas of your Italian pasta salad or your go-to-Caesar salad. Casal Garcia Rosé is also a great pairing for any salads with fruits like your Watermelon Feta or your sought-after gazpacho.

Available through Instacart, Total Wine and all major Liquor stores.

Elegant and mineral – Casal Garcia Sparkling White

The fancier version of a barbecue guaranteed to impress and to pair with those bolder dishes. Light and fresh sparkling wines are perfect to refresh the palate and to help prepare your taste buds for spicier dishes. Casal Garcia Sparkling is light, fruity and incredibly refreshing pairing perfectly with your spicy wings or your pulled pork sandwich.

Available through Instacart and all major Liquor stores.

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