Whether you’re new to Illinois, or a long-time citizen of Chi-Town, odds are you haven’t gotten the chance to experience all the bars, dives, rooftops and wine bars in town. Chicago boasts one of America’s most bustling and inventive bar and restaurant scenes, and we’ve done a little deep diving to figure out where you and your friends should meet for a glass of wine.

Uvae Kitchen and Wine Bar

 https://g.page/uvaechicago?shareWith some delightful wine selections from both Europe and the Americas, Uvae has specialised in wine tastings. Their website is one of the most advanced in the biz, and they even developed virtual wine-tastings during lockdown. You could select pick-up or delivery, take all the goodies back home, and experience all the knowledge via Zoom call.

At the time we were writing this article, Uvae was shut down due to a kitchen fire, but we’re sure they’ll be back on their feet in no time, and we included them anyway.

Lost Larson

Why are we recommending a bakery, you ask?

Well, first of all, we love bakeries. Second of all, they have a tremendous selection of wines and beverages that guests can enjoy with or without some scrumptious pastries. Their indoors sitting area is not exceedingly large, so this would be a recommendation for a tiny group of friends, or, even better, to meet with a really good pal and while away the hours catching up.

Lil’ Ba-Ba-Reeba

A Spanish custom that unfortunately hasn’t travelled is that you get a tapa (a small plate of food) for every drink you order.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Lil’ Ba-Ba-Reeba did that? Well, they do the very next thing, which is $1 happy hours for pintxos and $5 for their own homemade sangria. They have a stunning rotating selection of Spanish wines and Galician beer too.

You can’t miss it.

Joe’s Imports

One of the finest wine lists in Chicago, period. Some of the wines they have (including the really good Portuguese ones) can’t be found anywhere else in the States.

Did we say enough?

Let us say a little more anyway. The location is excellent, right in the Fulton Market District (foodie hub!). The food is to die for, because the pairings have been created specifically for the wines, with traditional dishes from the same places they come from.

Go there.

Billy Sunday

 Feeling like a cocktail? The word is that the bartenders at Billy Sunday are very hard to stump when it comes to crafting up said libations.

The space is beautiful and old-fashioned (stands to reason, the bar was named after a 19th century baseball player), the drinks are excellent, and the location is right off of Logan Square Park.

What else could you wish for?

Rooftop at Nobu

 Nobu is an LA staple, of course, and it’s finally opened in Chicago, thanks to the investment and patronage of Robert De Niro.

Is a rooftop a good idea in a city that is world famous for its wind?


Yes it is.

The views are stunning, the sushi is amazing, and the sake and champagne selections are out of this world. If you are on the market for something a little bit more expensive, this is the place to go.

Osito’s Tap

 The space is speakeasy-inspired. The food has all the Latinx flair you could ever want, with the elote ribs and the molote oaxaqueño clearly standing out. Even the merch is cool.

But what really stands out is the drinks. The space is owned by Moreno’s liquors, a casa tequilera of renown and tradition, so you know they’re gonna have the good stuff.

And they do.

This is the perfect relaxed environment to hang out with your friends with a glass in hand.

We hope you enjoyed this little trip all around the windy city, and we bet you’re all thinking the same thing: which one do I pick?

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