To bring good luck and prosperity for 2020, you can’t miss the year’s funniest night! Traditions you must follow.

As you leave the old year behind and enter the new one, there are many traditions that bring good luck, prosperity, and love. To make your New Year’s Eve the best, and to enter 2020 with great joy, bring your family and friends together, and don’t forget to follow these traditions:

1. Blue underwear

If it’s tradition, it’s tradition: it doesn’t matter the gender, but your underwear must be blue. This superstition, of uncertain origin, is related to the association of luck and harmony with blue. But, to be on the safe side, it is better to prevent and prepare a blue underwear to guarantee good luck in 2020.

2. Wear a piece of clothing for the first time

In addition to the blue underwear, the new year asks for a garment debut. In fact, this tradition also says that the clothing piece cannot be creased or dirty, nor be loose or tight. This is because, when entering the new year, you must do it in the best clothing possible, to visualize the best possible year. It doesn’t hurt to try!

3. Hand full of cash

Another New Year habit that has fallen a little out of fashion is spending midnight with cash in your hand – so that it will multiply in the coming year. Note that it cannot be coins, it must be paper money, and the larger the better!

4. On top of a chair

To enter 2020 with the right foot, tradition says that you must get into the new year on top of a chair (or other object that gets you off the ground). As the clock strikes midnight, you must jump onto the ground with your right foot to make sure prosperity and luck are with you by 2020.

5. Lots of noise

It is possible that this tradition comes from the Roman people, who believed that in making a racket in the New Year’s Eve would frighten the evil spirits. As for spirits, we do not know, but to ward off stress, tiredness, lack of friends, lack of time and so on, we suggest you to shout, sing and scream at the top of your lungs!

6. Twelve raisins

This tradition began in Spain, but spread to Portugal, and even those who are not a fan of raisins, do not skip this. At the last minute of the old year, eat 12 raisins, one for each of the coming months, and ask for a wish for each one. But don’t rush, take your time and focus on each one.

7. A New Year’s Kiss

This is the New Year’s Eve classic, a kiss at midnight draws love for the whole next year. The scientific evidence for this has yet to be discovered, but we think there is no harm in believing it! Who knows, it might even be the perfect excuse to get a New Year’s kiss!



8. A toast to joy

A tradition that you can’t miss at all costs, is the midnight toast. It’s the toast where you say goodbye to one year and welcome another, and that’s why it’s particularly important. To support your toast, check out the Casal Garcia Sparkling: Sparkling White for a more classic toast and to new adventures in the coming year choose Sparkling Rosé.

The Casal Garcia team wishes you, your family and friends a good New Year’s Eve, filled with joy, love and friendship. May you never miss joy in 2020!

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