366 opportunities to live 2020 with more joy. These are our New Year’s resolutions. Get yourself inspired by!

New year, new opportunities to live with more joy. They say 2020 will be “The Decade” to take chances, to be happier, to change… Therefore, make every day worthwhile. If you’re looking for inspiration and the right motivation to start 2020 at your best, then stay tuned!

6 resolutions to bring more joy to 2020

1. Savor the moment

Life should be enjoyed just like a good wine: slowly. And that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on adventures, explore new realities and take chances. It means, on the contrary, that you must let yourself be carried away, observe what surrounds you, turn off when you feel the need, appreciate every gesture, see, hear and feel more.

This resolution you should take to 2020 is called  slow living and its goal is to get you to enjoy the best of life, in a balanced, sustainable, authentic and more peaceful way, savoring even more every moment.

2. Help the next one

Observe what surrounds you and open your heart to people and enriching experiences. Whether it’s a friend, your boyfriend, a family member, a neighbor or a stranger – see if they need help, listen to them, spend quality time with them. A little gesture of yours can change their lives. Why not volunteer at an institution near you? Show people around you how special they are.

3. Be more present

Go offline, don’t take work home and turn off your TV during meals. This new year’s resolution is very simple: to be more present. Listen truly and disconnect from what only causes noise. At home, with family or friends. Share a good wine with friends and catch up in person instead of making a call or a FaceTime call. Leave the scroll down and take some time for yourself. The benefits will be immediate!

4. Learn something new

If you want 2020 to be The Year, then this new year’s resolution should be on your goals’ list. Whether it’s learning a new language, discovering new cocktails, improving drawing or dancing skills. Take advantage of the 366 new opportunities you have to learn something new or improve your knowledge in a given area. Get your dreams out of the drawer and put them into practice!

5. Leave old habits

Want to leave some less good habit behind, start going to the gym or wake up more joyfully? So this new year’s resolution should be worked on right now! “New Year, new life.” This means leaving the old habits in the old year. All you need is the right impulse, motivation and resilience. You can do it!

6. Be more grateful

You can do it every morning, waking up, or every night, before you fall asleep. Dedicate two minutes of your day to stop for a while and thank what brings you joy. You can start each week by crafting a list of things you’re grateful for in life, for example, or the positive things that happened to you in the previous week. It feels so good to appreciate the happiest side of life! Almost as much as when you enjoy your favorite Casal Garcia.

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